How to boost your Double 11 sales with Chinese consumers

What is Double 11?

Double 11, also known as Singles' Day, is one of the world's largest online shopping festivals and a retail extravaganza.

Originating in China, this shopping bonanza falls on November 11th each year.

But why the name "Double 11"? It all started as a celebration of singlehood among Chinese university students, who turned the date 11/11 into a day of self-indulgence. Over time, it evolved into a massive shopping event, with "double ones" signifying the singles.

Today, Double 11 transcends its origins, attracting shoppers from around the globe. It's not just a day to buy products; it's a cultural phenomenon and an opportunity for brands to engage with consumers on an unprecedented scale.

So, why should your brand jump on the Double 11?

Record-Breaking Sales

Every year, Double 11 shatters its previous sales records. It's the day when wallets are wide open, and consumers are ready to spend.

A New AU Shopping Event

Double 11 has evolved from a Chinese event into a global phenomenon. Even here in Australia, we witness a growing number of brands embracing this opportunity to kickstart their Cyber Weekend offerings and secure a larger slice of the market.

Innovative Marketing Opportunities

Double 11 isn't just about online shopping. It's a playground for creative marketing campaigns, from live streaming to interactive social media contests.

FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

Double 11 generates a buzz like no other, creating a sense of urgency and FOMO that compels consumers to shop till they drop.


How GMS can help?

AU-CN Channels

We specialize in programmatic ads on major Chinese platforms like Little Red Book – the new rising social star in China and leading social channels such as Weibo, and Tencent. Moreover, we've established strategic partnerships with top Chinese DSPs to facilitate high-impact display and video opportunities across China's premier app network. All of them can geo-target Australian Chinese users.

Google SEM for Chinese Keywords

Don't lose valuable Chinese customers while they are searching on Google. Our expertise in Google SEM for Chinese keywords ensures you won’t miss out the opportunity to convert.

KOL and KOC Collaboration

Elevate your brand's influence with our KOL (Key Opinion Leader) and KOC (Key Opinion Consumer) network. We have a track record of successful partnerships with top global brands in Australia.

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